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1.      Which EV Charging stations are cheapest?

In the UK, the cost of using EV charging stations can vary widely based on the type of charger, location, charging network, and specific tariffs. Here’s a look at some of the cheapest options and general guidelines for finding affordable EV charging in the UK:

Major Charging Networks in the UK

  1. Pod Point:
    • Pricing: Pod Point offers a mix of free and paid charging points. Many locations, such as supermarkets like Tesco, offer free charging for customers.
    • Rates: Where fees apply, costs can range from 16p to 25p per kWh for rapid chargers.
  2. BP Pulse:
    • Pricing: BP Pulse has a variety of pricing options. Members pay a monthly fee (£7.85 as of mid-2024) and enjoy lower per kWh rates.
    • Rates: Rapid chargers cost around 23p per kWh for members and 29p per kWh for non-members. Some BP Pulse points offer free charging, particularly at workplaces.
  3. Instavolt:
    • Pricing: Instavolt is known for its straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing.
    • Rates: Typically charges around 40p per kWh for rapid charging, but prices can be lower during promotional periods.
  4. Osprey Charging (formerly Engenie):
    • Pricing: Osprey uses a pay-as-you-go model.
    • Rates: Generally charges around 36p to 40p per kWh for rapid charging.
  5. GeniePoint:
    • Pricing: GeniePoint requires users to register for an account. Costs vary by location.
    • Rates: Typically around 30p to 35p per kWh for rapid charging.
  6. Tesla Supercharger:
    • Pricing: Primarily for Tesla vehicles, but other EVs can use with an adapter and appropriate subscription.
    • Rates: Typically around 29p to 35p per kWh for rapid charging.

Finding the Cheapest Charging Options

  1. Use Charging Apps:
    • Zap-Map: Allows you to locate charging stations, compare prices, and find free charging points.
    • PlugShare: Similar functionality to Zap-Map, with user reviews and cost information.
  2. Supermarket Charging Points:
    • Tesco with Pod Point: Offers free 7kW charging at many locations, with a small fee for faster chargers.
    • Lidl and Aldi: Often provide affordable charging options.
  3. Workplace and Destination Charging:
    • Free Charging at Workplaces: Some employers offer free charging for employees.
    • Hotel and Retail Parking: Some hotels and shopping centers offer free or low-cost charging for customers.
  4. Home Charging:
    • Off-Peak Rates: Many UK energy providers offer lower tariffs during off-peak hours, such as Octopus Energy's Go tariff.
    • Solar Panels: Charging your EV using home solar panels can significantly reduce costs over time.


While the cheapest EV charging options in the UK often depend on location and availability, supermarkets like Tesco (with Pod Point) and affordable networks like BP Pulse for members generally offer some of the most cost-effective solutions. Utilizing apps like Zap-Map and PlugShare can help you find the best deals and free charging points in your area. Additionally, optimizing home charging with off-peak rates or renewable energy sources can provide significant saving